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Other Wedgwood Societies in Australia...

Congratulations to both our neighbour Wedgwood societies celebrating anniversary milestones in 2013.
  • The Wedgwood Society of Australia represents the origin of Wedgwood sholarship and collecting in Australia. It was founded in 1973 in Melbourne. Click here for their Facebook page.
    You can contact the Society by mail at—
    The Wedgwood Society of Australia
    PO Box 2357
  • To the north we have The Wedgwood Society of Queensland, based in Brisbane and founded in 1993. See their Facebook page here.
    Contact the Queensland Society by mail at—
    The Wedgwood Society of Queensland
    PO Box 97
  • Wedgwood with an Australian Connection...

    Over the years since the first settlement of Australia much Wedgwood with an Australian connection has been produced. Some of this was made to mark an Australian event and some was commissioned by Australian organisations. More has been made that has a more incidental connection with Australia. For instance, Captain Cook features on many pieces that were made for organisations in other countries that have Cook connections and, as he was the first Englishman to discover and map the east coast of Australia, these pieces can be said to have an Australian connection. There are other similar examples.

    A list of this wider category has been assembled by Society member Judy Jones and it will be of interest to those who collect in this area. The list is freely available, download a copy of the most recent list here.

    This list is a work in progress and newly reported items are coming to light all the time. If you find something that is not included Judy would welcome your news. Her email contact is on the last page of the list.

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